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The ACMS task force is in the middle of preparing the fall event 2016, which is going to take place in the Technopark in Zurich at November 30, 2016. This time we were able to win speakers from internet technology companies, who will explain to us how the future of electronic cash flow will look like. Will we loose hard cash? Will banks and insurance companies survive?

Save the date: November 30, Technopark, Zurich




Swiss News

Swiss maps are better than ever

The Swiss are world leaders in mapmaking. Now, for the first time, the federal mapping agency swisstopo has created a map for smartphones or computers that can display “geodata” – computerised geographical data – on a scale of 1 to 10,000. (SRF/ The new national maps are more detailed than ever. They are accessible for everyone on desktop and mobile, and increasingly innovative to meet the demands of a world in which anyone who owns a smartphone can download GPS and map data from anywhere. For example, swisstopo devised an online “time travel” tool that allows users to choose a spot on the Swiss map and watch, through an instant overlay of map editions, how that place has changed over a certain period of time. Demand for up-to-date and accurate geodata is constantly increasing, swisstopo says. In a first, a new map of the nation is to be automatically produced each year. Swisstopo still prints paper maps on a scale of 1 to 25,000. Half a million every year if only ...

It’s nearly all about work

Until mid-September Zurich is playing host to the European Biennial of contemporary art, Manifesta. The more than 30 venues and collaborations in and around Switzerland’s largest city focus on the value of work with the rather apt theme: “What People Do for Money”. French author Michel Houellebecq displays artistically edited X-rays of his head and his right hand. He had checked himself into one of Zurich’s leading private clinics for the sake of art. Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev’s objects show a fascination with rituals of remembrance. His butterfly artwork is a tribute to his compatriot and novelist Vladimir Nabokov who had a passion for lepidopterology. The curator of the 11th edition of Manifesta, video artist Christian Jankovsky, said the theme of the exhibition is close to Zurich’s heart as many of its residents define themselves by their jobs. As a result, Manifesta deals with the wide range of jobs and activities people do to earn money. One of the most provocative ...

Picking up the baton as the world’s best chef

There’s a persistent clicking sound inside the kitchen of the Hôtel de Ville. It takes a while to locate it and then, I realise… it’s coming from the chef, Franck Giovannini. The at-times frantic clicking on and off of a pen is the only sign of the adrenaline below the surface in this boyish-looking 42-year-old. He’s leading a lunch service at the restaurant in the Lausanne suburbs, which is adorned with three Michelin stars and 19 Gault&Millau points. Last year it was also named best in the world in a new French ranking. But what must it be like to take on the mantle as the world’s top chef at a restaurant where the previous two star cooks died prematurely? A mysterious suicide When asked why Benoît Violier might have committed suicide, his widow Brigitte Violier and restaurant shareholder André Kudelski have repeatedly said they have no idea. They strongly refute allegations by financial magazine Bilan that he was the victim of a wine scam that left the ...

UBS and Credit Suisse – reasons to be cheerful

Switzerland’s two largest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, have both reported drops in net profit for the second quarter. However, both banks have reasons to be relatively happy. On Friday, UBS reported a 14% drop in net profit, citing “pronounced low client activity” amid economic and geopolitical uncertainties and other market weaknesses. Nevertheless, the profit of CHF1.03 billion ($1.05 billion) was better than expected, topping average analysts’ estimates - as polled by Reuters - of CHF495 million. The bank said market volatility, macroeconomic uncertainty and “heightened geopolitical tensions” made worse by Britain’s vote on June 23 to leave the European Union dampened clients’ appetite for risk and lowered transaction volumes. It said such conditions were unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. The UBS results came a day after rival Credit Suisse unexpectedly returned to profit, with all operating units contributing to its first positive result since CEO ...

‘Switzerland can make better use of its diaspora’

How has the Swiss abroad community changed over the past century? Rudolf Wyder, former director of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), dived into archives and wrote a book on “100 years of OSA” ahead of the anniversary celebrations in August. About 760,000 registered Swiss expats currently live abroad, nearly half of them in neighbouring France, Germany, Italy and Austria. There is also an important Swiss abroad community in North America. Many of them have dual nationality. Swiss Review: You have just completed your work. The book is set for publication at the beginning of August. During your research, did you come across facts that despite being director for many years you were not aware of? Rudolf Wyder: Most definitely. Even though I was director of the OSA for a long period, there were many gaps in its history which I wanted to fill in, out of personal interest as much as anything. There were periods never dealt with historically. What was the ...


Short facts about us

The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


Currently there is a team of Credit Managers working on following projects :

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