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The ACMS task force is in the middle of preparing the fall event 2016, which is going to take place in the Technopark in Zurich at November 30, 2016. This time we were able to win speakers from internet technology companies, who will explain to us how the future of electronic cash flow will look like. Will we loose hard cash? Will banks and insurance companies survive?

Save the date: November 30, Technopark, Zurich




Swiss News

How do people in Switzerland get to work?

Switzerland is famous for its railway system, but when it comes to commuting, how many people really take the train? A day after the cabinet said it wanted to introduce a trial tax on mobility, takes a look at how the Swiss get to work. In total in 2014 there were 3,901,350 commuters in Switzerland (the population at the time was 8,237,700). How these people get to their place of work has not changed much in recent years. The breakdown of different forms of transport was similar in 2000 and in the years in between. However, the number of people commuting via any of the above forms of transport has gone up overall in recent years, meaning there are more vehicles on the roads and more people on trains and buses. Below is a specific example of how many people commute by car, the most popular method of transport to travel to work. It’s increases like this that have lead the government to consider a trial where drivers would pay ...

Why the football stadium has replaced the pub

I grew up with the stories of Swiss author Peter Bichsel. I am particularly fond of those that take place in the pub. The pub is where a cross section of people from society meet and talk over a glass of wine or beer. It’s where they come to argue about politics – issues both big and small, national and local. I’ve always likened Bichsel’s pub to an Agora of ancient Greece, where people once assembled as part of a democracy to take a political decision. I also have memories of pub life. While growing up in a small Catholic village in the eastern canton of Graubünden, everyone would gather at the local watering hole after Sunday service. It always felt like being on a stage where one of Bichsel’s stories was played out. Those are childhood memories. The pub is dead. It’s been replaced by trendy bars. Every subculture has its own meeting place. There are hipster bars, bars for bankers, bars for blue-collar workers. But no longer is there a pub where everyone meets. ...

Half a century of Montreux Jazz

It is almost impossible to imagine the lakeside city of Montreux without the annual Montreux Jazz Festival, which turns 50 this summer. A new book tells the story of the renowned festival. Half a century of existence has resulted in the creation of some legendary material – images, recordings and publications. In “50 Summers of Music”, around 60 stars share their Montreux experience. Illustrating the book by music journalist Arnaud Robert are 175 photos, many previously unseen. It was in the summer of 1967 that Swiss chef and tourism promoter Claude Nobs transformed his love of jazz into the seed of a global phenomenon along the shores of Lake Geneva. Sure, other festivals now draw larger, younger and less well-heeled crowds. But in terms of sheer music history though, none have richer pickings. The festival had grown over the years with a budget not be scoffed at - CHF28 million ($28.5 million). Sometimes, you just have to be there when it happens. Notable moments include ...

Why Islam? The story of three female converts

With a burka ban coming into force in part of Switzerland on Friday, and anti-Islam sentiment running high, we asked three Swiss women why they decided to become Muslims. Barbara Veljiji climbs the stairs up to a cosy room in her farmhouse. Flames are crackling in the wood-burning stove, keeping the room warm on this cool spring day. Veljiji lives here with her husband, who is originally from Albania, their three sons, a daughter-in-law and her mother on the farm that used to belong to her parents in the rural countryside west of Bern. Veljiji converted to Islam in 1992 when she was 23 years old. “I think it’s a good faith,” is her simple explanation. She says that thanks to Islam she has found inner peace. She has worn a headscarf for the past nine years, prays, fasts and eats only halal products whenever possible. She also takes a pragmatic approach to her and husband’s role. Since she earns more in her profession, she has been the breadwinner since ...

Basel improvises to deal with street prostitution

Basel police want prostitutes to respect the law when it comes to looking for business in the city. To do this, they’ve come up with an unusual solution. (SRF/ After complaints from people living in Basel’s red light district, the authorities marked out areas where prostitutes are allowed to stand with special green pictograms. The authorities estimate the numbers of sex workers in Basel to be around 800. Between 30 and 50 actually work on the streets, and the remainder work in salons, brothels, bars and escort services.  Over the last year police had to fine around 120 women who were looking for customers outside the dedicated zone. The situation has become more challenging with a high turnover of women coming from Eastern European countries using the ability to travel to Switzerland for up to 90 days without a visa.  Last year the government proposed measures to better protect sex workers and to fight against human trafficking. A 140-page report by the Federal ...


Short facts about us

The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


Currently there is a team of Credit Managers working on following projects :

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