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Swiss News

Green initiative will not leave footprint on economy

The Swiss have turned down an initiative calling for government intervention to ensure the country uses natural resources sustainably. Only 36.4% backed the initiative on Sunday, and Geneva was the only canton where a majority of voters said yes. It appears Swiss voters were unwilling to pay the economic price to reduce the country’s ecological footprint. The Green Party initiative wanted Switzerland to commit to achieving a sustainable use of natural resources by 2050. If everyone lived like the Swiss 2.8 times worth the Earth’s resources would be used up every year. To do that, the Greens argued that the government must intervene. Their initiative called for constitutional amendments requiring the government to promote research and innovation in order to improve the sustainable and efficient use of resources, as well as introduce new product regulations and tax incentives. Clean-tech The Greens said by giving a boost to new technologies in the ...

Idea of bigger pensions is retired

Voters have clearly rejected a people’s initiative calling for a 10% boost in benefits from the state retirement fund – a move supported by the political left, but deemed far too costly by its opponents. The increase would have affected the state pensions given to all retirees via the first pillar of Switzerland’s three-pillar retirement system (the other two pillars being occupational pensions and private savings). The cost would have been an extra CHF4 billion ($4 billion) a year from 2018, increasing to CHF5.5 billion by 2030. However, a majority of cantons rejected the pensions hike on Sunday. The final result put 59.4% of the Swiss population voting no. Breaking down the results revealed regional differences. All the German-speaking cantons voted against it, but a majority of the French-speaking cantons and the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino voted in favour of the initiative. Political scientist Claude Longchamp told Swiss public television that there was ...

Secret service agents have licence to hack computers

Voters have endorsed a law allowing the Swiss intelligence service to tap private phone lines and monitor cyberspace activities to prevent terrorist attacks. Critics had warned of arbitrary surveillance, but they suffered a clear defeat in Sunday’s referendum. About 66.5% of voters came out in favour, according to final results. “The terrorist attacks in Europe over the past few months made it difficult for us to convince citizens that more surveillance doesn’t necessarily mean higher security,” says Tamara Funiciello, president of the Young Socialists.  Defence Minister Guy Parmelin for his part said he welcomed the clear result. "It gives Switzerland modern tools to respond to current threats," Parmelin told a news conference on Sunday. He said the new law to come into force in September 2017, would give parliament strict controls. The defence ministry is to evaluate new technological equipment and hire about an additional 20 staff by 2019, according to ...

Tell me where you live and I’ll tell you if you can vote

If you live in Switzerland but you are not Swiss, your political rights such as the ability to vote depend largely on where you reside. A look at regional differences and the cultural and linguistic factors that influence local decisions. I was born in canton Jura to Italian parents. But despite not having Swiss nationality, I was able to vote for the first time on my 18th birthday in communal and cantonal elections in my local village, Bassecour. Today, I live in Bern, but as I’m not Swiss, I’m not allowed to go to my local voting office to cast my ballot. Nor was this possible when I worked in Lugano in canton Ticino, which follows the same practice widely implemented in Swiss-German regions. “There is a ‘Röstigraben’ [an imaginary cultural and social divide between German and French-speaking parts of the country] when it comes to political rights for foreigners. The French-speaking cantons have much more liberal policies,” says Anita Manatschal from the Swiss ...

Swiss oases

As cities become more densely settled, green spaces are gaining appreciation. Here are some of Switzerland’s loveliest oases. From Geneva to Lake Constance, from Basel to Ticino – Switzerland has numerous famous as well as secret gardens and parks which have various uses in their communities. In honour of Garden Year 2016, the National Information Centre for Cultural Heritage is campaigning for the preservation and development of these places where people can meet and relax. (Photos: European Heritage Days 2016; Text:


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The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


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