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The ACMS is very active


The Association for Credit Management Switzerland (AfCMS) started his work in autumn 2010. Since then there are regular evenets and meetings taking place.

Our task force is represented by:

Taskforce Zurich:

  • Jean Francois Carboneil (Lyreco)
  • Claudio Cavelti (ggm+partner Wirtschaftsprüfungs AG)
  • Sebastian Goetz (Glencore)
  • Lucien Hofmann (Atradius)
  • Andreas Hungerbühler (Bisnode D&B)
  • Michael Isler (upc cablecom)
  • Danny Kaltenborn (Olin Corporation)
  • Michael Leyh (BASF Intertrade)
  • Pietro Pavone (BASF)
  • Daniel Schneider (Bisnode)

Taskforce Lugano (seit Juni 2016):

  • Sergio Vignone (Duferco SA Lugano); ACMS Presidente del Consiglio Direttivo per la Svizzera Italiana
  • Luca Magistro (Telf Lugano); ACMS Membro del Consiglio Direttivo per la Svizzera Italiana
  • Andrea Carlesso (Bisnode); ACMS Secretario del Consiglio Direttivo per la Svizzera Italiana

First joint event between ACMS and Swiss treasurer association

  • Event took place on March 26, 2015 in Geneva with 30 attendees (
  • Lucien Hofmann introduced the ACMS and its activities
  • Dr. Michael Leyh presented the MRCMs and the education program
  • Ashok Kampani Credit Director Japan Tobacco talekd about "Inernation Credit Management"
  • A very good discussion evolved
  • This very successful event closed with a lunch in the doors of the "Association of Corporate Treasurers – Swiss Romande"

Highlights Conference Call January 19th 2015

  • ACMS Marketing and Members Advertising: Andreas Hungerbuehler and Danny Kaltenborn spent two half days in making telephone marketing.
  • Education: Last week the examinations took place. 9 out of 11 participants passed.
  • Professional information: The handbook "Credit Management - Code of best Practice" (in German so far) is under review currently. We plan to publish it in April this year.
  • Strategy Meeting 2015: This year the strategy meeting will take place again in the sailing club Richterswul on MArch 20th.
  • The general assemply 2015 will take place on April 16, 2015 in the 25hours hotel in Zurich West. Register here
  • Geneva: We have received an invitation from the Associtiation of Corporate Treasurers if week could present ourselfs on one of their meetings.

Highlights Conference Call November 17th 2014

  • Event Zurich, November: 

Event was from the content side a full success, also because a lot of discussion did take place. Location is very good and supports a relaxed athmosphere. However we still have a problem with the participants, from 24 we had only 8 Credit Managers of which 4 are member of the Taks force. For next Event (General Assembly) we will use all our resources to activate more Credit Managers and be tough on Service Providers to come with Clients.

  • Education (Daniel Schneider)Education (has Started Oct 30): currently 11 students for the 2nd course Idea: 1 course in English? To reach West/South
  • Professional Information (Danny Kaltenborn)

Fachinformation, work is in progress and goes forward. We think of a kind of “Handbook” we could even print. Draft should be ready beginning of next year. Goal would be to present this work at General Assembly.

  • Strategy Meeting 2015 (Lucien Hofmann/Andreas Hungerbühler): 

We would like to bring in and discuss also dramatic steps to bring the Association to the next level and increase our reach to Credit Managers and less Service Providers. Lucien and Andreas propose also a discussion on points like “exclude Service Providers partly or full” which could also mean that we two retreat from the Executive Position.

  • General Assembly takes place on April 16th, 2015.