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Swiss News

US ambassador talks up Swiss offer to host North Korea summit

Switzerland’s offer of good offices to help host a future summit between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and United States President Donald Trump is “serious” and “a good opportunity”, the US ambassador to Switzerland has declared.  “The Swiss have made it clear that they have a very keen interest, and good offices and opportunities for conversations [on North Korea] in Switzerland,” the US ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Edward “Ed” McMullen, told reporters in Geneva on Thursday.  “We’ve made it very clear that the offer is there and it’s a serious one and it would be a good opportunity,” he said.  A historic summit is taking place on Friday between Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon-Jae-in near the countries’ border. This is in advance of a potential meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un, for which Trump has said that five locations are under consideration.  The Bloomberg news agency has speculated that Geneva and several venues in Asia and Southeast ...

Swiss National Bank must rethink emissions-heavy investments

Climate Alliance Switzerland has called for a “stress test” of the Swiss financial system, and released recommendations for protecting it as well as the climate.  The recommendations from the association, representing more than 70 organisations across Switzerland, are based on a 2016 study (in German). It showed that annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced as a result of Swiss National Bank (SNB) equity investments are equivalent to those of the entire nation, and that the bank’s investment policy “supports a global temperature increase of 4 to 6 degrees Celsius”. This temperature estimate was calculated by comparing the technology mix in the SNB's equity portfolio with different climate warming scenarios developed by the International Energy Agency. According to Climate Alliance Switzerland Managing Director Christian Lüthi, this doesn't mean that the SNB itself would be the root cause of such a temperature increase; rather, “their investments contribute to…and are in ...

Are Swiss celebrities a bunch of wannabes?

"True Talk" puts people in front of the camera who are fighting prejudice or discrimination. They answer questions that nobody would normally dare to ask directly.  This week we talk to Sven Epiney, a well-known radio and TV presenter for the German-language public broadcaster, SRF. But as he points out, "Swiss celebrities tend to be 'Cervelat Prominenz'"- people (like the popular and understated Cervelat sausage) who are not famous outside German-speaking Switzerland.  Even so, in the small Alpine country, fame can make life difficult. Sven thinks twice before going to the pharmacy to pick up items like condoms or spot cream – being recognised by the cashier can lead to some embarrassing moments, he explains. (SRF/

Swiss brewery defends choice of Nepalese monarch on beer bottle

A brewery in Zurich had no idea that choosing a former Nepalese king to grace a seasonal beer would cause a diplomatic row with the former Himalayan kingdom.  Imagine you bite into a chilli pepper or peppercorn in a curry and the heat sets your tongue on fire. Luckily you have a cold beer at hand and take a gulp to provide relief. The resulting flavour combination is the unusual taste of the Birendra beer, produced by Zurich-based brewery Turbinen Bräu.  “One of my brewers was cooking at home with Nepalese pepper and thought it might be good to use it in beer. We tried it out and it worked,” Adrien Weber, founder and owner of Turbinen Bräu, told  It took three trials until they found the right combination of ingredients. They decided to produce and sell around 12,000 bottles as a special spring season beer. But what to call it? After a weekend spent doing research on Nepal, Weber settled on the former king Birendra Bir Bikram Shah.  “I thought he was an ...

Citizen movement campaigns to curb social detectives

The deployment of ‘social detectives’ to track welfare fraudsters is nothing new in Switzerland. But since the passing of a law granting the investigators more powers, an unprecedented citizen movement has emerged in protest. It began on Twitter. On March 16, soon after a parliamentary decision granted wide snooping powers to welfare detectives, author Sibylle Berg tweeted her disgust and asked what could be done. Dimitri Rougy, a young Social Democrat activist from Interlaken, quickly replied with a simple “I would help!” A day later, the team expanded to four – plus a coder – and a website was created. After a week, almost 12,000 pledges of support were collected. Finally, on April 5, the official referendum campaign was launched in Bern. The scale and speed of the movement is “something that Switzerland has never seen before”, Rougy reckons. The quartet, who didn’t meet face-to-face until a week after the campaign began, had set at 5,000 the threshold of online ...


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The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


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