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Welcome to the Association of Credit Management in Switzerland


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21st local VfCMS  lunch in  Basel (Muttenz) , Thursday August 30th, 2018


Save the date! ACMS – Association of Credit Management Switzerland – September 13th, 2018 in Geneva (Register)


English version of the book "Credit Risk Managment - Code of Best Practice" published





Swiss News

‘We have a pope’ – and record food prices

Almost every article published by contains a percentage, an age, an amount of money or some other figure. Here’s a round-up of the most interesting statistics to appear in the past week’s stories. Sunday 1 The number of goals scored/conceded by both Switzerland and Brazil in their first match at the football World Cup in Russia. The draw meant the qualifying group, which also includes Serbia and Costa Rica, was wide open.  Monday 454,000 Two years ago, Swiss voters narrowly rejected tax breaks for heterosexual married couples. The Christian Democratic Party, which organised the initiative, is demanding a re-run, saying government figures were wrong. Indeed, the cabinet has admitted that instead of the 80,000 married and registered couples in line to receive the tax break, it was in fact 454,000 couples.  Tuesday 5,800,000 Although 5.8 million people own a driving licence in Switzerland, applications are dropping – especially among the young.  Wednesday 68 ...

Hidden parts of Switzerland revealed

What do a pink “pacification cell” in a high-security prison, the Federal Council’s secret meeting room, Dignitas’s room where people carry out assisted suicide and the research station inside the Jungfraujoch mountain ridge have in common? They are all inaccessible to most people.  As part of the art project HIDDEN, art historian Catherine Iselin and photographer Kostas Maros looked into what makes hidden places so fascinating. They found 25 places across Switzerland that are closed off to most people, unknown or known but unphotographed.  Iselin and Maros say they hunted for the unusual, the strange and the unique. The resulting images have been displayed in an exhibition and a book.  All of the locations share the quality of arousing curiosity or leaving a deep impression.

Swiss psychologist launches slum tourism in Nairobi

A Swiss psychologist has come up with a unique way to help combat poverty in the Kenyan capital: slum tourism. (SRF/ Gianmarco Marinello from Zurich studied in Switzerland and worked in the private sector before giving it all up to go and work in a poor settlement in South Africa. He moved to Nairobi in 2016 to study social innovation management at the Amani Institute, where he met his project co-founder Sriram Damodaran from India. The two were struck by the high number of street children in the city. Many of the estimated 50,000 street children end up scavenging in dumps for scraps to sell, others turn to crime. Marinello and Damodaran wanted to expose these terrible conditions and offer a way out of the circle of poverty.  They realised that many tourists wanted to discover more about life in the slums, so they set up Nai Nami, "Nairobi with me" in Kiswahili, offering tours with the young people themselves as guides. The idea is to use their existing skills to ...

Holidaymaker becomes village chief

Heading the local council seems to have lost its appeal in the mountain village of Tujetsch. That’s why it took a headhunter to find Beat Röschlin, a former company manager who owns a holiday flat in the village.  “When I agreed to take on this position, I had no idea what to expect. No clue at all,” Beat Röschlin says. Clad in a grey polo shirt with his collar turned up, he sits in his wood-panelled office in the local community building in Sedrun, the main village of the spread-out commune of Tujetsch in canton Graubünden. The big window behind him offers a view of a green meadow with high snow-capped mountains towering above it. A manager, not a politician Unlike many other local politicians in Switzerland, the 64-year-old comes across strong, direct and ambitious. It is rare to find a man of this calibre serving as a mayor. “I’m a manager. I’ll never be a politician,” he notes. It is no secret he draws on management principles to govern his community. But how does a ...

Pope Francis makes rare visit to Switzerland

Pope Francis has visited the Swiss city of Geneva – a centre of Protestantism – on a whirlwind one-day tour to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and to promote Christian unity.  The pope flew into Geneva – historically known as the “Protestant Rome” for its links to John Calvin – on a hot Thursday morning for a packed schedule that began with a meeting at the airport with Swiss government officials.  After a 20-minute tête-à-tête, Alain Berset, who holds the rotating Swiss presidency this year, told reporters that he shared the pope’s commitment to peace and human rights.  Berset said the pope had urged Switzerland to use dialogue to help prevent conflicts around the world. The two leaders also discussed the issue of immigration and refugee boats from north Africa that were being blocked by Italy. The previous papal visit to Switzerland was in 2004, when Pope John Paul II came to Bern and Geneva not long before he died.  + How much does ...


Short facts about us

The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


Currently there is a team of Credit Managers working on following projects :

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