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Cheesy delights, a special library and ‘glocal’ Christmas market

Here is a selection of stories to look ahead to on in the week of December 18, 2017. Monday Want to make eating Swiss cheese more fun? How about pairing it with teas from around the world? We’ll be looking at the trend of pairing cheese with tea and sharing expert advice and exclusive combinations for matching the best of East and West. If you want to see the vision of the League of Nations made solid in all its 1930’s style, the UN Library in Geneva is the place to go, writes our International Geneva columnist Imogen Foulkes. She takes us on a visit to this architectural beauty housing ten floors of books and documents, including some historic gems.    Tuesday Switzerland might appear like a nature-lover’s paradise but its beauty is only skin deep. We talk to scientists and environment groups to get a grip on the scale of animal and habitat loss.   Wednesday Embracing massive industrialisation has brought big profits to Swiss watch brands. We look at ...

Laura Gibilras: “Young people have no future in Italy“

Laura Gibilras was born in Italy, but she's always had a particularly close connection to Switzerland, her mother’s home. For the last two years, the 19-year-old has lived in the canton of Zurich and she envisages making her life in Switzerland -- even though the people in Italy are, she says, “much more open and communicative.” You were born in Italy as a Swiss abroad. Does someone in your family come from Switzerland? Laura Gibilras: I was a Swiss abroad because my mother was born and grew up in Switzerland. She met my father on a trip to Italy and they fell in love. I know – very romantic! The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of What relationship do you have with Switzerland? L.G.: I’ve always had a special relationship with Switzerland. When I was still living in Italy, I used to spend two holidays a year at my grandparents’ home in Switzerland.  From the ...

The sweet rewards of climbing in the Swiss Alps

Outdoor photographer Dan Patitucci frames the rewards of a hard day's climb: cake and a view to die for. We started our day at the Turtmann Hut with headlamps on, negotiated crevasses on both the Brunegg and Turtmann glaciers, climbed 1700 meters to the summit of the Bishorn, and finally skied some much deserved powder until reaching the Tracuit Hut, where perhaps the day’s ultimate reward came.  There we discovered what may be the Alp’s best dining room, best enjoyed with fresh torte and a coffee. At work and play We are fortunate to call the mountains our workplace and still marvel at what we get to do on any given work day, be it in the Alps or Himalaya.  After all these years, the passion we have for life as mountain sport athletes and photographers hasn't faded. Experiencing the Alps on so many levels keeps us motivated for what comes next. Grandiose landscapes Each week over the next few months, will publish a series of Dan and Janine Patitucci’s pictures ...

Swiss train rides: punctual and beautiful

Trains, train, trains: Diccon Bewes packs his bag and heads off for a day out on Swiss public transport. Along the way he manages to hop on board almost every type of moving vehicle that Switzerland has to offer. It turns out it's not the beautiful views that take his breath away, but the intricate train timetables he finds on the platforms. Diccon explains why he loves them, and what happens to them in December. (Diccon Bewes for

A revolutionary train journey across wartime Europe

A historic journey by train, 100 years ago: in 1917, Lenin famously travelled in a ‘sealed railway carriage’ from Zurich to Petrograd (now St Petersburg) in Russia. A century on, relive the route the revolutionary took, in pictures. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, pseudonym Lenin, and his wife, Nadeshda Krupskaja, arrived in Bern in 1914, claiming political exile. Lenin had previously lived in Geneva. The couple stayed in Bern until February 1916, when they moved to Spiegelgasse 14 in Zurich’s old town, remaining there for just over a year.  The reasons behind the move were political: Lenin was dreaming of an armed uprising and was trying to gather supporters who could spread his message and help him build an international Marxist movement. The Zurich Social Democrats were more radical than their Bernese counterparts. He spent his time in the Swiss city attending Social Democratic Party meetings, trying to recruit followers and finishing his work, “Imperialism: the highest stage of ...


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The Association of Credit Management Switzerland counts more than 400 members and interested persons. We put our main efforts in building networks and exchanging knowledge between Credit Managers in Switzerland and beyond.


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