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Event Tips

  • 21st local VfCMS  lunch in  Basel (Muttenz) , Thursday August 30th, 2018 (Send an Email to Pietro Pavone to register). This meeting is intended to deal as a platform for exchanging credit management experience and seeks for building and maintaining networks. This is an informal meeting where you will have the chance to talk to peers during your lunch in a pleasant atmosphere. You will need to pay  for the meal yourself. At least one of the VfCMS task force members is going to be present and will enjoy his lunch with you. He will be open to speak about news of our association.


L’ACMS ha già organizzato alcuni eventi a Zurigo, Losanna e Lugano. I prossimi eventi verranno pubblicizzati sul sito ed allo stesso tempo verrà inviato un invito ufficiale ai nostri membri.