Training and Education

Imagine the tremendous efforts that must have been caused when creating a professional training that results in a generally accepted certification. But it’s done. We are proud to announce that our sub task force responsible for education has established such training together with a very strong partner – The Controller Academy.

The course contains seven days of training each of 4h 30 min. On day eight the trainees are writing an exam, which if they pass receive the certificate of being a credit manager.



Credit Management covers all activities around the creation and handling of accounts receivables. It starts with credit risk assessments and its monitoring, which mitigates the risk of bad debt, but also includes dunning and collection activities.Gain this knowledge in a praxis oriented degree program on 7 afternoons only. This knowledge enables you in working thoughtful, professional and successful in your job.


Table of Contents:

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Credit Risk Assessment
  • Credit Limit Monitoring
  • Credit Collections
  • Credit Management – an important service within your company
  • Credit Policy
  • External services and IT systems
  • Financial accounting
  • Key performance measurements• Scoring Models
  • Dunning
  • Minimum requirements for Credit Management
  • Organization structures
  • Legal
  • Risk management (Country risk etc.)



The training is addressed to employees who are working in finance, accounting, collections and treasury department. A degree in these areas of expertise is important as well as job experience.


Examination/ Certification:

The certification requires that the examination at the end of the training is passed. Every attendee receives a confirmation of participation.



The course takes place once per year during 8 afternoons training and 1 afternoon of examination.


Language: German

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