The Association

The vision of the Association for Credit Management in Switzerland (AfCMS) is to establish Credit Management in Switzerland. Credit Management shell become an integral part of Swiss companies.

It is our mission that credit managers help credit management in credit management matters. Derived from it we are providing a wide range of praxis oriented offers to our members. The AfCMS is the platform for national and international contacts in order to extend each credit manager’s professional network. Furthermore the AfCMS builds up relationships to credit management associations abroad, e.g. BvCM e.V. in Germany or FECMA (European association).




Credit Management Principles

The association for credit management in Germany (BvCM e.V.) has determined Minimum Requirements for Credit management being the credit management principles. The AfCMS has adopted these standards for the Swiss territory and made it available to their members in German and translated to English, French and Italian for free. Further the AfCMS offers a certification of credit management processes in our member’s companies based on the Minimum Requirements for Credit Management by the external auditing company KPMG.

Training and Qualification

It is one of our main goals to make credit management a more accepted profession. This is the reason why we built up a professional training resulting in a Certified Credit Manager valid in Switzerland. This training is provided in cooperation with a Swiss business school regularly. AfCMS members are entitled for a discounted price.

Information and Exchange

It is very important for building and extending credit management networks across company borders in Switzerland. We are enabling our credit managers to boost their professional networks.


The Association for Credit Management Switzerland organizes regular events about credit management and credit management related topics for their members. The general assembly is every year’s highlight. Read more under bullet point ‘Events’.



In order to enhance experience exchange in several matters of credit management like international credit management, credit risk assessment but not limited to, we are organizing regular workshops for our members. Feel free to participate as well.


Professional journal

Being a member of the AfCMS you are entitled to receive the professional journal “Der Credit Manager” four times per year. This journal is published by the German association. It contains very interesting articles and news all about credit management.