Upcoming Events

  • Swiss Credit Management Forum 2018 on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM at Technopark Zurich (Technoparkstrasse 1), additional information


Historic Events:

  • 21st local VfCMS  lunch in  Basel (Muttenz), Thursday August 30th, 2018
  • Swiss Credit Management Forum in Zurich on November 20
  • 20th local VfCMS lunch in Basel (Muttenz), Thursday November 23rd, 2017
  • 19th local event for “Nordwestschweiz” Region of the Association of Credit Management in Switzerland takes place in the “Ristorante Cuor D’Oro”, Lutzerstrasse 38, 4132 Muttenz Tel: +41 61 681 73 43 – parking available; We have a reservation for Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at 12:00 O’clock.
  • 18th local VfCMS lunch takes place in the “Ristorante Cuor D’Oro”, Lutzerstrasse 38, 4132 Muttenz Tel: +41 61 681 73 43 – parking available; We have a reservation for Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, at 12:00 O’clock.
  • FCIB Annual International  Credit & Risk Management Summit, Amsterdam, November 13-15 2016
  • 1st Swiss Credit Management Forum, Zurich, November 30 2016
  • Dreiländer Regionalkonferenz, Mittwoch, den 08. Juni 2016, Thema: „Credit Management D-A-CH im Dreiländereck“
  • Wednesday, June 8, 2016 the area conference of the German speaking countries took place in Dornbirn (Austria) having the topic “Credit Management D-A-CH in the Border Triangle”.
  • Credit Managers Round Table: On May 27, 2016 the ACMS Credit Managers round table took place in Zurich. We discussed current topics and developments of Credit Management. Specifically we discussed practical approaches of credit risk evaluation of B2B customers for which there are no current financial statements available. Further we talked about electronic dunning and invoices, early payment programs and extended payment terms. Third topic was about block chains/ virtual money followed by a discussion how to increase Credit Management efficiency.
  • ACMS Fall Event October, 22 2015 1:30 pm at 25hours Hotel Zurich West
    1. Talk: „Vom Briefkastentrick zu Cyber Crime – Neue Zahlungssysteme“ Patrick Kessler
    2. Talk: „Credit Management challenges in a changing global economy“ Nouha El Ajhouri
  • International Credit & Risk Management Summit – Madrid of the FCIB
  • FECMA Pan-European Credit Management Congress May 20th amd 21st, 2015 in the Benelux
  • Credit Lunch in Basel on Mai 29th, 2015 noon
  • ACMS Spring Event April 16, 2015 1 pm at 25hours Hotel Zurich West
    1. Talk: ‘Macroeconomic Indicators’ Prof. PhD. Jan-Egbert Sturm
    2. Talk: ‘Credit Risk Management – Code of Best Practice” Danny Kaltenborn
  • First joint event between ACMS and Swiss treasurer association
    • Event took place on March 26, 2015 in Geneva with 30 attendees (
    • Lucien Hofmann introduced the ACMS and its activities
    • Dr. Michael Leyh presented the MRCMs and the education program
    • Ashok Kampani Credit Director Japan Tobacco talekd about “Inernation Credit Management”
    • A very good discussion evolved
    • This very successful event closed with a lunch in the doors of the “Association of Corporate Treasurers – Swiss Romande”
  • VfCMS Fall Event takes place at the 25hours hotel in Zurich West: National talk: Operational Credit and Accounts Receivable Management in a Swiss company (Irma Schlatter, Electronic Partner) International talk: Internation Credit Management (Jean Philippe, Credit Manager Japan Tobacco)
  • On Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 the Spring Event of the ACMS took place in the Sheraton Hotel in Zurich. We are very proud of being able to have Dieter Grieshaber (Syngenta) talking about “Working Capital Programs and its realization in practice in challenging markets”. During the second part of the event baord and task force members were presenting the results of the last 12 month’ as well as forward looking events. Finally the graduates of the training for the professional certification in Credit Management in Switzerland were honored. As always networking was very important. Some impressions of the event you will find when following this link.
  • European Roundtable- Compliance and Ethics in a Corporate Environment – Zurich, Switzerland, February 13, 2014
  • Autumn event of our association in Zurich, November 28, 2013
  • Federal congress of the German Credit Management Association in Koblenz, October 9/10, 2013
  • Regional lunches for professional networking in Switzerland
  • European Credit Management congress organized by FECMA, May 16/17, 2013
  • Swiss Credit Management Event in the French part of Switzerland in Lausanne, April 25, 2012