Requisiti minimi per la gestione del credito

The German Credit Management Association (BvCM e.V.) has defined a standard for Credit Management – so called Minimum Requirements for Credit Management. A taskforce of the Swiss association has adopted these standards to the Swiss requirements and regulations.
These standards are an integral part of the membership in our association. You can request this document in four different languages or order a print version of it:

English: “Minimum Requirements for Credit Management (MRCM)” ISBN 978-3-8442-2710-9 (Paper-Version / PDF-Version)

German: “Mindestanforderungen an das Credit Management (MaCM)” ISBN 978-3-8442-0889-4 (Paper-Version / PDF-Version)

French: “Exigences de base du Credit Management (EbCM)” ISBN 978-3-8442-5020-6 (Paper-Version / PDF-Version)

Italian: “Requisiti Minimi per il Credit Management (RMCM)” ISBN 978-3-8442-5059-6 (Paper-Version / PDF-Version)