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30. March 2020

France drops blocks on face mask exports to Switzerland

After Germany, France has lifted restrictions on the delivery of hygienic face masks to Switzerland. Some two million masks are needed each day, according to the […]
29. March 2020

When I venture into Geneva, hand in glove

My wife and I play our new No-Touch-Unless-Must game now when either of us goes out.  Points for taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and […]
28. March 2020

Swiss Post working overtime to cope with online shopping boom

With all but non-essential businesses and shops in the country closed, the postal service has seen its workload increase dramatically as housebound residents order online. “Two […]
28. March 2020

Nestlé excludes thousands of cocoa farmers to meet green commitments

A mapping initiative by Nestlé has revealed that over 4,000 cocoa cultivators in Ghana and Ivory Coast supplying the food giant were farming in protected areas and designated forest land.  Nestlé […]